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The style, the passion, the drama, the romance - road racing between the 1950s and 1980s has always inspired the team behind Bravur. It was a simpler time, a time of legendary stories and iconic characters when riders embodied the true meaning of ‘souplesse’. The timeless patterns and unforgettable colors of the iconic jerseys worn by the most celebrated legends of the sport make it an almost endless source of creativity. 

The Team Heritage series from Bravur is a tribute to the style and character of these ‘golden days’ of cycling. Bravur’s love for the era and passion for the sport have led us to create a modern collection with a classic touch that captures the true essence of that moment in time.

Meet the Team Heritage series.

Team Heritage - MERTeam Heritage - MER
Team Heritage - MER Sale price$ 1,195.00 USD
Team Heritage - RENTeam Heritage - REN
Team Heritage - REN Sale price$ 1,195.00 USD
Team Heritage - PEUTeam Heritage - PEU
Team Heritage - PEU Sale price$ 1,195.00 USD