Being based in Sweden, we try to use as much materials and parts locally produced as possible. All the design work is made in-house at the Bravur head office, and every part of the watch, except the movement, is made exclusively for us in low quantities.

Creating watches with the utmost quality and finish makes the development process long, and we never compromise on the quality. Our watches are designed to be your everyday companion, and are built to last a lifetime. Therefore we only use the finest materials in both our watches and our straps.

Swedish Workshop

In 2017 we launched our first mechanical watch, model BW003. The introduction of BW003 was a milestone for us, as it was both our first mechanical watch, but also marked the start of our Swedish built watches.

As a small and independent watch brand we are especially proud finally reaching this goal and contributing to the small scale watchmaking.

Made To Order

All our mechanical watches are handbuilt in Båstad, a small coastal town on the Swedish west coast, not that different from Switzerland: It´s a wealthy town and it's situated at the foot of the Swedish alps (well, it´s not actually a mountain but at least a ridge...). Here our watchmaker assembles, inspect and tests the timepieces.

Every watch is built on customer order, with a lead time of approximately two weeks.

Quality & Testing

Inside every watch built our watchmaker engraves his signature, working as a quality mark and showing pride for the craftsmanship.  

Having our own assembly gives us maximum control of the production. During assembly the watches undergo several tests and inspections. The movements are individually tested to measure the deviation in accuracy, and trimmed if necessary.