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Team Heritage - REN

The REN takes much of its design from the characteristic yellow, black and white pattern of the Renault team jersey, as worn by the likes of Bernard Hinault, Laurent Fignon and Greg Lemond. The team, which dominated the sport between 1978 to 1983, was famed for its bold jerseys that were easy to spot in the peloton and were very much in line with fashion and design trends of the time.

The lower level of the sandwich dial features the iconic team stripes, revealed partially through openings of the center and periphery connected by a spoke-like pattern, creating a ’floating’ illusion with a rich depth. A black perforated leather strap gives the REN a vintage look while integrating an optional rubber strap adds a contemporary and sporty finish.

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With its bold colors and characteristic style, the REN catches the eye. The center and periphery are connected by a spoke-like pattern, whilst the lower level of the sandwich dial features a pattern inspired by the Renault team jersey stripes. The pattern is revealed only partially through openings, creating a ’floating’ illusion with a rich depth.

At 9H you'll find a small cycling cap, one of the key details of the series.



Each model boasts a domed sapphire crystal to ensure increased scratch protection, along with a robust metal casing and an integrated sculpted crown guard. The polished chamfers along the sides add sophistication and elegance. While reminiscent of watches from the past, the shape incorporates a contemporary, unique touch.

The carefully considered dimensions are intentionally tailored to accommodate slender wrists - not too wide, not too thick, making it a pleasing daily companion, on and off the bike.



The classic design of the Team Heritage watch captures the spirit of the period that inspired the collection. An unmistakable part of the sport during this illustrious era was the classic cycling cap and the unique shape of its brim is the inspiration behind our Team Heritage logo, and the cycling cap is also found on the case back.

On the case back you'll also find the individual serial number, as well as the water resistance, written in a tyre pressure style, max 10.0 bar/145 PSI (corresponding to 10 ATM).



The Team Heritage series comes in a hand-crafted premium leather case that can be used as a stylish bar bag.

The oversized loops allow the bag to be fitted securely around most handlebars, perfect when bringing a vest, spare tubes or some extra energy on longer rides.


Team Renault

Created to promote the Gitane bike brand owned by the car manufacturer, Renault dominated the sport from 1978 to 1983. During its rather short existence, the team won the Tour de France no less than six times, along with the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a Espana twice. 

The team's lead rider and overall ‘star’ was Bernard Hinault, who claimed four of the team’s Tour de France wins. The team also boasted the presence of Laurent Fignon and a young rising star, Greg Lemond, who began his career with the team and claimed the World Champion title in 1983.

The distinctive yellow, black and white striped jerseys were easy to spot in the peloton and perfectly aligned with fashion and design trends during the period.




The cycling cap is present on different details throughout the collection, for example on the buckle.


The rubber strap also features the cycling cap, creating the pattern on the strap. The strap is very soft and comfortable to wear, and is integrate into the shape of the case.


The Team Heritage watch has a beautiful size of 37 mm, here worn on a 17 cm (6,7") wrist.

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