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Reviews & Articles

Reviews & Articles

During the years a lot has been written about Bravur.

Read some of the reviews and articles below to learn more about our watches.

Curious to know what others think about our watches?

We have gathered some of the reviews and articles written about us here.

Introducing The Bravur Geography Series, a Minimalist GMT From Sweden

"Since arriving on the scene in 2011, Bravur has carved out a well-deserved niche for its own brand of clean Scandinavian design. The Swedish firm is looking to expand that niche with its newest offering, the Geography series GMT. The GMT complication is a first for the brand, and the overall design is crisp, confident, and very much Bravur."

Minimalist Design Done Right—Introducing The Bravur Scandinavia

"When done incorrectly, minimalism can veer dangerously into boring or derivative, but the Scandinavia avoids that easy pitfall. The watch is restrained, for sure, but it’s also oozing some serious style, and the design is far from staid."

Bravur BW003 Review

"It’s a very appealing design with high quality finishing and an interesting bezel. From above, the bezel has noticeable coining, though it is fixed. From the side, the bezel has been grooved all around, which acts as a decorative element, playing off the horizontally brushed and polished surfaces. Flipping the watch over you are presented with either a solid case-back with a decorative etching or a display window showing off the decorated Sellita SW300 movement within. On the latter, the crystal also has Bravur branding plated on it, hovering above the glass. The case demonstrates what Bravur does really well, as it’s subtle and not overdone, yet it is more elaborate than most cases."

Hands-On With The Bravur BW002

"Looks wise, the watch really works for me. Though the dial is minimal, the black markers draw the eye in, and the handful of other well-balanced details keep you attention. Similarly, the case is at a glance little more than a cylinder, but when you see the fluted side causing a ripple of light and shadow, and the edge of that crystal glint, you realize there is more there."

’We don’t have to compromise’: exploring the Scandinavian design styling of Bravur watches

"Details that have become the cornerstone of Bravur watch design include finely cut grooves on the side of the steel case, which haven’t been smoothed out entirely so as not to be too purely minimalistic (and have become something of a trademark). The dial, while clean, avoids being flat thanks to pops of colour on the hands, while other details – a hollow crown made of three parts press-fitted together, and the circular brushed metal cap at the centre of the hands – are subtle enough to not be noticed at first glance."

Hands On Bravur Scandinavia Review

"Moving on from the housing of the Bravur Scandinavia to the dial the one thing that catches our attention is the small index scale that is in the middle. The 60-seconds scale is not around the rim of the dial but halfway in the middle. The hands, however, are long reaching all the way to the edge of the black dial. Outside of the second’s scale, you find the thin and long silver, curved, applied indexes."

Hands On With The Bravur BW003

"The stainless steel case, case back (in both transparent and solid versions) and crown all feel very well made. I am actually very impressed and a bit surprised. I’ve seen many so-so watches in this price range last year, that this is actually a bit of a relief and the proof that it can be done: designing and producing a good quality watch – being an independent – for a very fair price."

Swedish brand Bravur launches debut automatic, the BW003

"In that regard, the Bravur is a roaring success, it looks like something Don Draper would have strapped on in early episodes of Mad Men and drips just as much period detail as the glorious sets of that series."

This Accessible Minimalist Watch is an Ode to Scandinavian Design

"Bravur is a Swedish microbrand that specializes in accessibly-priced watches with minimalist designs. I mean, would you really expect less from a Scandinavian watch company? So far the brand has released a few watches, most featuring quartz movements. Last year, the brand debuted its first automatic — the BW003 — and now its latest release, dubbed the Scandinavia, follows suit with an updated design."

This New Indie Timepiece Is Like a Cross Between a Vintage Dress Watch and a Diver

"Because of the sheer amount of them, watches from indie brands can feel an awful lot like a dime a dozen, but every once in a while you can come across something truly interesting. That’s certainly the case with this new timepiece from Stockholm-based watchmaker Bravur."

Bravur’s New Geography GMT Watch Artfully Balances Form and Function

"Even if you don't actually need the GMT feature, though, the Geography is just a great-looking watch. The minimalist dial is finished with applied indices, the 24-hour interior dial isn't obtrusive, and the subtle sunburst on the outer portion gives the thing a vibe that nicely balances form and function."

Introducing The Bravur BW003, The Swedish Brand's First Mechanical Series

"The BW003 should be eminently wearable as well, with perfectly mid-sized dimensions at 39mm. With prices starting at $1,350, it’s not cheap, but it’s certainly a lot of watch for the money. After seeing a few production models a few months back, we’re really looking forward to getting these in for a full-fledged review, so watch this space for that."

Hands-On The Bravur BW003 Automatic

"Ultimately, I think the BW003 is a pretty successful first venture into mechanical watches from Bravur, and after talking with Magnus, I'm optimistic that things are only going to improve from here. If you're looking for a cool automatic that can be worn in nearly every situation and doesn't come from one of the usual-suspect Swiss brands, the Bravur B003 is definitely worth taking a look at."

Bravur Have Figured Out How To Make The Affordable Scandinavian Watch Desirable

"The concept of the start-up watch company has something that's gained significant traction in recent years. Companys offering affordable, clean watches that offer a premium look and feel at an affordable price are a dime a dozen, but they often lack the panache that makes them a contender to low-end luxury watchmakers like Rado and TW Steel.

Enter Bravur, a Swedish watchmaker that hopes to bridge a gaping hole in the market by combining scandinavian design with genuine swiss-made quality that actually looks and feels as if it were 3 or 4 times the price."