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Type of rider

Classic specialist



Grand Tour - La Corsa Rosa

What is your favorite training session?

My favorite training rides are the sunny rides in the mountains with a good group of friends where we end up doing 6 hours and it felt like a 2 hour ride.


What are your goals for the 2023 season?

2023 goals are having as much fun as possible and trying to show myself to the world and myself!


What would you work with if you weren’t a pro cyclist?

If I was not a cyclist I would be a sports teacher, at least that is what my degree says and what my plan was before!


Any other passions in life, besides cycling?

In life i also enjoy the little things, bbq with friends at a fire, good food and red wine always make me happy.


Tell us about your interest in watches and how it started.

For me a watch is the only accessory a man can wear, a good looking watch is always nice to look good and if you look good, you feel good!


Which is your favorite Bravur watch and why?

At the moment my favorite Bravur watch is the Black La Corsa Rosa, because it reminds me of the Giro d’Italia which is a nice accomplishement in cycling and its a great looking watch!

9 quick questions to Lawrence

Tell us about when and how you first started cycling.

I started cycling in 2013 at 20 years of age (old for a cyclist nowadays!). I was studying in university and had some free time after school, maybe because I didn't do my homework? I had a spare bike from my brother and I saw him do good results and win local races so I wanted to do the same.


Describe your type of profile/ strengths as a rider and in the team?

I’m a rider that is grown in local kermesse races so I'm best in one day races that are fast, hard and exciting. In the team I am a domestique in the big races and can often try my card in the sprint when there is no bigger goal of the team.


Are there still areas where you see that you can improve. If so, which?

I can still see myself improve overal in cycling, its a growing sport and having started at 20y old of course I am not at my best yet (I hope)!