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Type of rider

Classic specialist

Sprint lead-out



Grand Tour - La Vuelta

Grand Tour - La Grande Boucle I


8 quick questions to ALEX

#1 Tell us about when and how you first started cycling.

Tour of Luxembourg passed our house. My dad asked me if I wanted to go see the race. I enjoyed it and we went on to also go see the last stage which Kim Kirchen won. After that I was hooked and started cycling.

#2 Describe your type of profile/ strengths as a rider and in the team?

I'm a classic and lead-out rider. I like punchy climbs and have a good endurance. Within the team I also usually take the role as a road captain. Protect the leaders and guide the young talents.

#3 Are there still areas where you see that you can improve. If so, which?

You have to keep improving every year, otherwise you fall behind. Although I just try to improve in all aspects I focussed recently more on leadouts.

#4 What is your favorite training session?

I'd say a typical high intensity sessions like 4x8min or 3x10 min 40/20's.

#5 What are your goals for the 2023 season?

I aim to be at my best during the flamish classics and then to do good lead-out's in the Grand Tours to hopefully help the team to win a couple of stages.

#6 What would you work with if you weren’t a pro cyclist?

I studied economics at university. I wanted to become a professor in economics if I didn't manage to be a professional cyclist. Nowadays I'd probably to more something on the self-employed side.

#7 Tell us about your interest in watches and how it started.

I wasn't so interested in watches until my mid twenties, but for my wedding I wanted to have one mechanic luxury watch. I think for men there aren't any jewellery other than a watch. It's a statement! And the idea intrigued me that a mechanical watch could last generations and be passed down to the kids. Especially in our society where we waste a lot, I liked the fact that a mechanical watch just keeps working forever, plus the craftmenship and the attention to detail is just fascinating. Obviously I got hooked and many more followed;-)

#8 Which is your favorite Bravur watch and why?

My favorite Bravur watches are the Grand Tour Editions. Not only because they are cycling related, but I like the "chrono" specification. The size of only 38mm makes it look a bit vintage, but with the colors and the rubber strap still modern. Then there is the open case that gives you an insight on the heart of the watch as well as all attention on details on the dial. If I'd had to choose one, I'd say the Giro Edtion. I think the pink looks pretty cool and complety different to any other watch.