As an homage to the three Grand Tours, the biggest and most prestigious bike races in the world, we have created a chronograph watch series with the same name.

A Grand Tour race features 21 stages in various terrain, and the riders fight for stage wins and the overall title. Only the best teams and riders in the world are invited to participate, and the physical and psychological demands to just complete the race are enormous.

The series consists of three models, with each model featuring colors, graphics and textures inspired by the corresponding race.


The Giro d'Italia, or La Corsa Rosa, is the first Grand Tour of the year. It's a race that usually feature a tough route with beautiful mountain passes, where the race for the iconic pink leader's jersey if often decided.  

Everbody needs a dash of pink in their lives!

The biggest and most prestigious race of the three Grand Tours is the Tour de France. This is the race where a stage win can transform the entire career of a rider, and very few riders can even dream of winning the overall title and the yellow leader's jersey.

Meet the La Grande Boucle, honoring the greatest race in the world.

The final race of the Grand Tours is the Vuelta a Espana, and it's also the youngest of the three, with the first edition taking place in 1935.

The color of the leader's jersey has changed several times during the years, but since 2010 it's been red.