- Manufacturing -


Creating watches with an utmost finish and attention to detail demands for a high control of the production. We carefully choose our suppliers and manufacturing partners, and to have our own assembly in Sweden is a big step for us. 

No matter if being produced in Sweden or Switzerland, we always use Swiss movements, just as implied in our motto Swedish soul - Swiss heart. 



Our watchmaker in Sweden is based in the small coastal town of Båstad, known as the Swedish riviera. Here the watches are assembled by hand in small scale, exclusively upon customer order. This way we can have maximum quality control of the production. 

As a quality mark and to show pride for the craftsmanship, the watchmaker engraves his signature inside the watch case. 


Our most exclusive model, BW003, is built in Sweden. During assembly the watches undergo several tests and inspections. Every movement is tested to control the deviation in accuracy, and trimmed if necessary. 

Extreme care is taken when attaching the hands and making sure they are parallell, which requires a steady hand and a trained eye.

Using material which originates from Sweden is important us. That is why we have sourced the steel for the case in model BW003 from Sweden. The fact that Swedish steel is considered to be of the highest quality in the world goes well in line with our quality ambitions as well. 



The Swiss Made label is synonymous with high quality and reliability, which is why we are proud to produce in Switzerland as well. Our Swiss producer perform several tests and inspections during production, ensuring a high finish level and qualitative watches. 

Before being sent to the customer we do a final inspection in Sweden as well, again to make sure it fulfills the Bravur requirements.