Your Bravur watch has a full two year warranty from the original date of purchase. The warranty covers any need of repair due to defects in materials or workmanship under normal use.

Bravur obligations hereunder are limited to repair or replacement at its option. The warranty excludes the battery, strap/bracelet and excessive wear or damage to the case, crystal or strap.



When the second hand jumps 5 seconds at a time, the battery needs to be replaced. Please contact a professional watchmaker for battery replacement. 



Changing strap is fast and easy, and can be done by your local watch workshop in just a few minutes.



Even though only top quality materials are used, the watch must be handled with care. Avoid subjecting your watch to strong vibrations, sudden impacts and drops. Hard and sharp surfaces or hardened materials may scratch the metal of the watch. If watches with IP coated surfaces (black or gold) are heavily scratched the natural steel material underneath may be revealed. During normal everyday use the coating will last for several years.

The fitted sapphire crystal is virtually scratch proof (except for diamonds). However it may still crack if the watch is dropped onto a hard surface from a sufficient height.



Leather is a natural, porous material. You should therefore avoid allowing the leather strap to come into contact with water as it will shorten its life-span. The color of the leather will change over time when wearing it and develop a unique patina.

Suede straps has a more delicate nature than conventional leather straps. Areas exposed to rubbing will become smooth and glossy. Dark suede colors may also dye.