The movement is the heart of the watch and all our watches are powered by Swiss movements, ensuring the highest quality and precision. 

The movement is the only part of a Bravur watch that is a standard part, but it´s still carefully chosen.

Read more below about the movements we use in our watches and learn how they work. 

Bravur_BW003S_watch movement.jpg


There are two different technologies when it comes to movements, quartz and mechanical. The quartz movements are powered by a battery, while the mechanical movements either has a rotor that generates power for the movement when in motion (automatic), or is hand wound (manual). 

Significant for Quartz movements is that they are accurate, demands no service and are very cost effective. A reliable watch to wear every day. 

Mechanical movements are beautiful creations, made up by hundreds of small parts manufactured with the highest precision. Even though not being as accurate as a quartz movement, the feeling of wearing a watch with a mechanical movement is hard to beat. 

Below is a description of the movements we use.



Our first mechanical movement comes from Swiss manufacturer Sellita, previously a supplier to ETA. 

SW300-1 has 25 jewels and with a running time of approximately 42 hours, the watch will keep running even if not worn every day. 

The high grade movement, features snail and perlage finishing on the bridges, as well as our signature pattern etched on the rotor. If choosing a model with a sapphire case back, you can admire the movement whenever you want. 

ETA Swiss made movement.png

ETA F04.111

ETA is maybe the most renowned manufacturer of movements, founded in 1793, and is the producer of the quartz movements for the BW002 and BW102 models. 

The movement is called F04.111 and has hour, minute and second hands, as well as date. It also features an end-of-life indicator, with the second hand jumping 5 seconds at a time to indicate when it´s time to change the battery.