We first discovered James Nord through his own blog Highlighted Life, where he captures work and life in pictures. It intrigued us and soon we realised that besides imagery, we shared a passion as well. Cycling!

James has been a Rapha racer for years and we have followed his adventures through the blog, which over time became a great success.

James is now a full time fashion photographer and also the co-founder of Fohr Card, a community that enables brands and bloggers to connect.

We figured it’s about time we met.

Where are you right now and what is happening today?

- Right now it’s a Saturday afternoon and the city is drenched in rain, I would normally be on my bike on a Saturday, but alas I am at the kitchen table, catching up on Chris Harris car videos on YouTube.


Where are you from originally? Did you grow up in a creative environment?

- I was born in Queens, but was raised most of my life in Georgia, I grew up with 2 brothers, which meant survival was an act of creativity.


You’re involved in a lot of things – what would you call yourself?

- I’m an all arounder. I’ve called myself a lot of things but right now it’s mainly the CEO of Fohr Card.


Your career as a photographer took off after being discovered through your blog, why don’t you tell about that!

- My career as a photographer was only really possible because of my blog. I never set out to become a photographer, but as the blog gained traction I figured I best get better at photography. From there I was able to leverage my following on Tumblr into work with some of the best brands in the world.


Were you inspired to start up Fohr Card by the fact that you are a blogger yourself?

- I was inspired to start Fohr Card out of my experience trying to get work in fashion using my blog and the help that I got from my future co-founder Rich Tong. He set up my first job in fashion (shooting for Oscar de la Renta) from there my career took off and a year after that, we asked each other, why not try and do what he did for me, for thousands of people.


Let’s talk about New York, the place where you currently live and work. What do you love about it and what makes it special?

- I live in the Lower East Side and work in Williamsburg, but let’s focus on the LES. I love this neighborhood because, to me, it’s one of the last great New York City hoods around. It’s got all of the grime and dirt and it’s not ashamed of it. You lose that in the West Village or even Williamsburg. I know the Lower East Side will change soon, hell, they are putting a SoHo House here, but I’ll be here till it dies.