One of the core foundations when founding Bravur was to create a strong identity in the design of the watches. We work hard to build a consistency in the design and to create unique design elements that characterize a watch from Bravur. 

We strive to find a balance between Scandinavian minimalism and interesting details, creating a balanced overall expression. 

All parts, except the movements, are made specifically for Bravur and the construction of the watches are often complex to achieve our design visions. 

Here is an overview of the different design elements we have created for Bravur.

Designed in Stockholm, Sweden. 



The dial might be the part that affects the overall appearance of the watch the most. The actual dial is made of brass and then gets a coating and surface structure. Every index or number is individually applied to the dial by hand. 

Our dials features an hour index or numeral, combined with a printed minute index ring, adding a feeling of precision to the dial. 

The Bravur logotype is always placed at 3 o´clock and the date at 6, a signature for Bravur. 



We put a lot of effort into the case design, with several design elements that are significant for Bravur. 

The most apparent design element might be the knurling, the pattern on the side of the case, that makes you recognize a Bravur watch even from a distance. The pattern works almost as a prism and breaks up the light, enhancing the material characteristics. 

The crown has a very detailed and complex design. It features a "hollow design" with a recessed surface with an embossed AV logo. 

On the backside of the case our signature pattern is deep etched. Even though the backside is a part not seen very often, we put a lot of work to make it feel interesting and beautiful. 

Each watch has a unique serial number that is found on the backside, together with the model name. 



We believe the packaging should be something you can actually use after the purchase. That is why we decided to make a leather case instead of a more traditional wooden box. 

The leather case is made from vegetable tanned leather, and is excellent to use when traveling, or just to store the watch in. 

Inside the case you will also find a polish cloth and a manual, personally signed during final inspection before shipping. 

Additional monogramming on the leather case is possible as well for a more personal touch.