Based in Stockholm, Bravur came to life in 2011 as two industrial designers and fellow friends decided to join paths. Since they had not found what they were looking for it simply had to be created. The thought was to design a personal embellishment to act as your everyday companion and part of your stylistic self. Something to endlessly covet and allure.


Bravur is an expression of true commitment to aesthetics and attention to detail. Style and distinction along with an aspiration to exceed in quality is the essence of our brand. Every object is designed with simplicity of hand but with evident and unitary elements composing the signature of Bravur – timepieces embracing the present. We do not claim that our watches can be worn in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft or boast about decades of heritage. Instead we are drawn to any kind of novelty, to the current and the happening. Our inspiration is brought out of design, art, fashion and other contemporary cultural movements. Because of its constant progression, culture works as our infinite source of inspiration, leading us into the future and what is to become the present. Nowhere is the artistic beat so apparent as in the urban surrounding, which is also our habitat. That is where we belong and where we create.


This is the unpredicted part of our existence, the one we cannot tell in advance or be completely in control of. It’s the part that makes us want to go further and explore what might be next. Something we can reassure is that Bravur will always remain a personal brand and our philosophy is simple: we aim to stay true to ourselves and the ideal of living and breathing the present. We are and will be – since now.