All our watches are produced in Switzerland, and every part, except the movement, is specifically made for Bravur. The words “Swiss Made” are associated with precision, quality and expertise, which is why we have chosen to produce our watches in Switzerland. 

During the production and assembly the watches undergo a number of tests and inspections. The final inspection, assembly of straps and packing is made in Stockholm. 

The actual assembly is carried out in a dust free room. The watch makers wear white coats and pass through airlocks when entering the room, since cleanliness is of highest importance in here. It is very vital that there is no dust that will end up inside the watch and be visible on the dial after assembly.

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Some parts of the assembly is automated, but a lot is made by hand. The small parts and the high quality and finish demands requires a skilled hand to carry through the assembly. 

The watch hands are picked up manually and placed in a small fixture. The fixture goes into a machine which presses the hands to their accurate positions on the movement stem. It is crucial that there is a small clearance between each hand to avoid them getting stuck. The distance and parallelism between the hands is measured in a large microscope. In case of any deviations from the specified values the watch hands are carefully adjusted by hand.


Each watch undergoes a pressure test to ensure it is tightly assembled and meet the requirements for pressure tightness (“water proof test”). A row with tiny pressure chambers, each with an integrated computer is where this test is carried out. Even the slightest change of the outer dimensions of the watch, due to the increased pressure, is overseen and logged by the computer.

Before shipping from Sweden we make a final inspection to make sure there are no cosmetic defects and only perfect watches will get through this final step.